Re: PC sound cards (Erick Gallun )

Subject: Re: PC sound cards
From:    Erick Gallun  <gallun(at)SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:16:48 -0800

Pierre, We are currently looking into the issue of multichannel audio interfaces for our anechoic chamber. We were told that the Echo Gina has very low noise, distortion, etc. I believe that Neil Viemeister uses it in his lab and is very pleased. He runs all of his experiments with a Gina and Matlab. It is also very inexpensive.. Here's the website: The Gina has eight channels of analog output. Matlab drivers are available, but not from Echo Erick Gallun Hafter Auditory Lab UC Berkeley At 12:20 PM -0800 1/29/03, Pierre Divenyi wrote: >Dear Colleagues, > >Is there a PC sound card with specifications indicating a high enough >quality (linearity, harmonic distortion, channel separation) that would >make it suitable for use in auditory experiments? > >Thank you in advance for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect. > >All the best, > >Pierre > > >**************************************************************************** >Pierre Divenyi, Ph.D. Chief, Speech and Hearing Research (151) > V.A. Medical Center and East Bay >Institute > for Research and Education > Martinez, CA 94553, USA >Phone: +1 (925) 370-6745 >Fax: +1 (925) 229-3035 >E-mail : pdivenyi(at) >****************************************************************************

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