Re: I don't hear my heart (Thomas G Brennan )

Subject: Re: I don't hear my heart
From:    Thomas G Brennan  <g_brennantg(at)TITAN.SFASU.EDU>
Date:    Thu, 11 Dec 2003 01:59:17 -0600

Fred, it is very unlikely that what you are hearing is your heart. It is more likely blood flow in your head through arteries in your neck due to a congested condition while ill or possibly because of increased blood pressure. You will stand a much better chance of hearing these kinds of sounds in a very quiet place such as a sound booth and, in fact, the sound of blood moving through the head is often mistaken for tinnitus. Constantly hearing blood sounds is sometimes a reason for concern as with the development of certain types of middle ear tumors. Actually not hearing your own heart is a good thing. Tom Tom Brennan KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP, R/D - AU web page

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