"Brain gain" scheme for the UK (Marina Rose )

Subject: "Brain gain" scheme for the UK
From:    Marina Rose  <marina.rose(at)PHYSIOL.OX.AC.UK>
Date:    Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:50:36 +0000

Dear list - i thought this "brain gain" scheme (see below) might be interesting to some of you - please pass on as you see fit. thanks, Marina --- Marina Rose, phd Lecturer in Auditory Sciences Aston University - www.aston.ac.uk Birmingham, England Academic visitor at Oxford University - www.ox.ac.uk ---- "BRAIN GAIN SCHEME" for the UK ----------------------------------- The Office of Science and Technology has announced a 10 million "brain gain" scheme for over 100 students from India, China, Hong Kong, Russia, and the developing world to study here for 3 years for a PhD, from October 2004. Visas for mathematicians, scientists and engineers will allow them to work in the UK for 12 months post-PhD. UK Research Councils will match funding from BP, Hutchison Whampoa (Hong Kong), Scottish Power, and Vodafone for this scheme, to be administered for the OST by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) The awards recognise the work done by Dorothy Hodgkin to help overseas students, particularly women, to study in the UK. Details will be announced in January 2004. The list of 150 eligible (developing world) countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, can be downloaded from the website http://www.ost.gov.uk/research/funding_schemes.htm --- ps. if you are interested in central auditory processing, auditory memory, dyslexia or obscure auditory processing disorder, and would like to work with me or one of my colleagues at Aston University's Neuroscience Institute (www.aston.ac.uk/lhs/research/nri/- The auditory group is brand new and not yet mentioned on the web page, sorry! but have a look at www.aston.ac.uk/marketing/releases/1jul.htm for things to come...) or at Oxford University please get in touch with me via my Oxford email address (marina.rose(at)physiol.ox.ac.uk). -- marina rose university laboratory of physiology parks road, oxford, u.k. tel.: 0044 1865 272495; internal: 72495

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