Book recommendation? (Boris Kleber )

Subject: Book recommendation?
From:    Boris Kleber  <boriskleber(at)WEB.DE>
Date:    Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:01:27 +0100

<html><style>p {margin: 0px}</style><body style='font-size:9pt; font-family:Verdana; font-family: Verdana' ><P>Dear list</P><P>I was told that the "Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics" (1990)&nbsp;by Arthur Benade&nbsp;is a highly recommended book, but unfortuately a little old.&nbsp;Could anyone recommend&nbsp;a more recent book on the topic that is on the same level?</P><P>Thanks a lot,</P><P>Boris</P></body></html> ______________________________________________________________________________<br>Horoskop, Comics, VIPs, Wetter, Sport und Lotto im WEB.DE Screensaver1.2<br>Kostenlos downloaden: <A HREF=""><B></B></A>

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