Lossy data compression and Tinnitus (Karan Anand )

Subject: Lossy data compression and Tinnitus
From:    Karan Anand  <karan_and(at)rediffmail.com>
Date:    Sat, 4 Jan 2003 07:10:25 -0000

Dear List, Just recently there was a post on Ear damage due to exposure to lossy data compression of digital audio, and the linkage with Tinnitus. There was valuable information for a tinnitus sufferer to consider in a documentary I had seen on ear damage focusing on this condition (Discovery channel). The patient was exposed to various pulses of sounds or sound (I suspect white noise) through headphones and he was given the controls to alter the sound so as to match the tinnitus ringing in his ears. After finding a match this sound would be amplified helping to reverse the displacement of the damaged hair cells. This treatment would have to be repeated on a 2 weekly basis. I hope this helps. I had a question and would be grateful if any 1 could help me. I am a dyslexic student studying audio engineering online and have allot of my text data read out to me through a Text-to-Speech application. My question being that does excess exposure to this sound anyhow contribute to ear damage? Considering that it might be a form of bad sampling. I havenít noticed any harm or discomfort. Except that over 2-3 hours continuous usage causes a Slight head ache. Should I consider dropping all Text to speech Products available in the market? Thanking you greatly, Karan Anand

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