Re: Semantic sound perception (Brian Gygi )

Subject: Re: Semantic sound perception
From:    Brian Gygi  <bgygi(at)EBIRE.ORG>
Date:    Fri, 1 Aug 2003 07:42:18 -0700

<html> <br> Thank you for the plug, Jim.&nbsp; Apparently the link at Indiana University which had my dissertation has been shut down, so if anyone is interested in a copy of it, please contact me and I can send you one.&nbsp; bgygi(at)<br><br> Thanks,<br><br> Brian Gygi<br><br> At 09:09 AM 8/1/2003 -0400, Jim Ballas wrote:<br> <blockquote type=3Dcite class=3Dcite cite>Several recent dissertations have addressed this topic, among them Brian Gygi's (which was announced on this list) and two from the Musical Acoustics lab at the University of Paris.&nbsp;&nbsp; English papers have been published on some aspects of the two Musical Acoustics Lab dissertations.<br><br> (if I've not included some others, apologies in advance)<br><br> <font face=3D"Courier, Courier" size=3D5>Gygi , Brian, (2001). Factors in th= e Identification of Environmental sounds., Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Psychology, Indiana University, July, 2001</font><br> <font face=3D"Courier, Courier" size=3D5><br> Guyot, F., (1996), Etude de la perception sonore en termes de reconnaissance et d'appr=E9ciation qualitative : une approche par la cat=E9gorisation., Universit=E9 du Maine, Le Mans, 269 p. Th=E8se de doctorat).</font><br><br> <font face=3D"Courier, Courier" size=3D5>Vogel, C. (1999), Etude s=E9miotiqu= e et acoustique de l'identification des signaux sonores d'avertissement en contexte urbain, UNIVERSITE PARIS 6, Th=E8se de doctorat</font>.<br> -- <br> James A. Ballas, Ph.D.<br> Code 5513<br> Naval Research Laboratory<br> Washington, DC&nbsp;&nbsp; 20375-5337<br><br> Tel:&nbsp; 202-404-7988<br> DSN:&nbsp;&nbsp; 754-7988<br> Fax:&nbsp; 202-404-4080<br> Cell: 703-946-1540<br> email:&nbsp;&nbsp; ballas(at)<br> siprnet: ballas(at)</blockquote></html>

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