A post-doctoral position (Yoshitaka Nakajima )

Subject: A post-doctoral position
From:    Yoshitaka Nakajima  <nakajima(at)KYUSHU-ID.AC.JP>
Date:    Sun, 27 Jul 2003 16:27:57 +0900

To the Auditory List, A post-doctoral position will be available at the Department of Acoustic Design, Kyushu University. (Kyushu Institute of Design, to which we belong, is going to be united with Kyushu University.) The period will begin in October, 2003, and will end in March, 2005. Although the amount of money to be paid is not yet clear, I guess it will be more than 180,000 yen/month, enough for a simple but comfortable life in Fukuoka, which is very different from Tokyo. The employed researcher will be a research associate for a governmental 'Center of Excellence (COE)' program called 'Design of Artificial Environments on the Basis of Human Sensibility'. Desirable fields are perceptual psychology (auditory perception and time perception) and psycholinguistics (the relationship between auditory perception and phonology). I will be the supervisor, and all the correspondence should be with me. Anybody interested is invited to my website: http://www.kyushu-id.ac.jp/~ynhome/ENG/YN/index.html Applications should be sent to me by email, and should include the applicant's CV and email addresses of three professional referees. I need the names of applicants within a couple of weeks, and would like all the applicants to send me short messages beforehand, as quickly as possible. Yoshitaka Nakajima Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA, PhD Professor, Dept. of Acoustic Design Kyushu Institute of Design (to be a part of Kyushu Univ.) Fukuoka 815-8540, Japan Telephone: +81 92 553 4558 Facsimile: +81 92 553 4520 ! Until September: nakajima(at)kyushu-id.ac.jp >From October: nakajima(at)design.kyushu-u.ac.jp

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