Automatic transcription of rhythm - advice requested (Andrew Nesbit )

Subject: Automatic transcription of rhythm - advice requested
From:    Andrew Nesbit  <alnesbit(at)STUDENTS.CS.MU.OZ.AU>
Date:    Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:25:49 +1000

Dear List, I wrote several weeks ago concerning my starting out in CASA research, and I received very helpful advice. I have now narrowed down the scope of my project, and I am requesting guidance in concentrating my reading to the most relevant published research. We have digital recordings of Indigenous Australian music. It contains three instruments: yidaki (didjeridu), vocals and clapsticks. One of each instrument is present in the mix. What makes this project interesting is that the music contains polyrhythms, changes of metre and changes of tempo. My task is to develop a system (in Python) to automatically transcribe the rhythms in this music. Transcription of pitch and other musical characteristics would be a bonus, but it is not the main goal. The system is not a general-purpose CASA tool, but rather, tailored towards a specific application. Does anybody have any suggestions for published research which would be helpful for me to get insight into my project? (My overall plan, so far, is to separate out each of the instruments using various instrument models. Next, perform detection of note onsets and other salient rhythmic features in each of the separated parts. Then, using an (as-yet undetermined) "grid-laying" algorithm, which operates within a given part and also across different parts, to find a best-fit combination of metres and tempi which satisfy the rhythmic characteristics of the original mix.) Finally, is this the best list to be asking such questions? If there is a more appropriate forum, could somebody please direct me to it? Thankyou in advance. Andrew.

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