Re: The Bach choral dilemma (Martin Braun )

Subject: Re: The Bach choral dilemma
From:    Martin Braun  <nombraun(at)TELIA.COM>
Date:    Thu, 23 Jan 2003 23:04:01 +0100

Well put, Pierre. For artists, ambiguity is something to be smiled at, for scientists, it's something to be frowned at. Martin Braun > Since I trust composers more than > hearing theorists (or music theorists as a matter of fact), I am willing to > bet that the ambiguity is on purpose and at the service of the musical > message. So, I would not get frazzled because somebody thinks that a > particular passage is an example of streaming and I just cannot hear it > that way -- Bach surely wanted it so. > > Pierre Divenyi

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