Re: Laptop sound cards (Piotr Majdak )

Subject: Re: Laptop sound cards
From:    Piotr Majdak  <piotr.majdak(at)OEAW.AC.AT>
Date:    Wed, 4 Jun 2003 10:37:10 +0200

Dear list and Satra, Did you try the "Multiface", provided by RME? You'll find the description at It's an external half-19" box with 8 analog I/Os (24bit, 96kHz) and 8 ADAT I/Os. Together with the "Card-Bus interface" (PCMCIA card) you can use it in a laptop. There is a PCI-card to connect Multiface to desktop computers, as well. Using with laptops requires power supply which is included with the multiface. Best, Piotr Majdak -- Piotr Majdak Acoustics Research Institute Austrian Academy of Sciences Reichsratsstr. 17 A-1010 Vienna AUSTRIA phone: +43-1-4277-29511 fax: +43-1-4277-9296 email: piotr.majdak(at) WWW:

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