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Subject: Re: correlation btw 2 singals incoming two ears from
From:    Bill Woods  <bill_woods(at)STARKEY.COM>
Date:    Mon, 14 Apr 2003 09:10:29 -0500

For information on spatial coherence functions, I would start with Gary Elko's chapter "Spatial coherence functions for differential microphones in isotropic noise fields", in the book "Microphone Arrays", Brandstein and Ward (eds.). If you need something on non-isotropic fields that you can't simply obtain from first principles, check the references at the end of the chapter. Good luck with the speech stuff. Bill Woods Principal Research Scientist Starkey Labs, Inc. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Ki-Young Park wrote: > Dear all, > > I am working on the speech stuff, recognition and enhancement. > While using two signals with two microphones moderate distance apart, > say a few tens of centimeters. > I assume there is one speech source, > and distributed noise sources all around a room > instead of a point-source. > ( and also assume additive noise. ) > > Is there publication on the correlation of two signals > incoming into two mics, > when there are distributed noise sources around. > > and is there any way to simulate this situation? > > Any comments and references will be appreciated. > > Thank you.

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