Matlab m-files for outer/middle ear filtering (Chen-gia TSAI )

Subject: Matlab m-files for outer/middle ear filtering
From:    Chen-gia TSAI  <gia(at)SNAFU.DE>
Date:    Sun, 13 Apr 2003 10:42:35 +0800

Dear list, In Meddis and Michael's (JASA 89(6), 2866-82, 1991) pitch model, the effects of outer/middle ear filtering was simulated by a bandpass filter, defined as y(i)=0.8878*x(i)-0.8878*x(i-2)-0.2243*y(i-1)+0.7757*y(i-2) I am looking for the undated filters that are more consistent with the equal-loudness curves based on psychoacoustic experimental results. Perhaps there are Matlab m-files for this filtering. Could anyone inform me how to find them in the internet? Chen-Gia Tsai gia(at)

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