From:    Mark Laubach  <mark.laubach(at)YALE.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 8 Apr 2003 14:16:34 -0400

Hello, My group is currently seeking to fill a postdoctoral slot for a DARPA-supported project on the auditory cortex and brain-machine interfaces (see below). The position offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to do neuronal ensemble recordings and state-of-the-art methods for analyzing multi-channel spike train and field potential data. I would appreciate hearing from anyone interested in the position via email. Thanks. -Mark ----- POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AVAILABLE: NEURONAL ENSEMBLE RECORDING IN AUDITORY CORTEX A postdoctoral position is available starting September 1, 2003 as part of a DARPA-sponsored collaborative project involving the laboratories of Drs. Jon Kaas and Troy Hackett at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Mandayam Srinivasan at MIT, and Dr. Mark Laubach at The John B Pierce Laboratory, a research institute affiliated with Yale University. The position is available in the Laubach group at the Pierce Laboratory. The ideal candidate would be an expert on the auditory cortex, have experience using neurophysiological and operant conditioning methods, and familiarity with software such as NEx, Matlab, and R/S-Plus. Prior experience with neuronal ensemble recording methods or, at the very least, a background in neurophysiology or behavioral neuroscience and a strong desire to learn ensemble recording is required. Strong skills in teamwork and communication are also essential for the position. This person will collect and analyze data from ensembles of neurons in the auditory cortex collected during the learning and performance of simple and choice reaction time tasks. In addition, methods for microstimulation of cortical neurons (developed through a collaboration with Dr. John Chapin's group at SUNY Brooklyn) will be implemented and tested. The candidate will also learn about novel methods for analyzing neuronal ensemble data sets that are being developed by our group in collaboration with Prof. Ronald Coifman's group in the Applied Mathematics Dept at Yale. If interested, please send a vita, list of publications, summary of research experience, and names of three individuals who can be contacted as references to: Mark Laubach, Ph.D. The John B. Pierce Laboratory Yale University School of Medicine 290 Congress Ave New Haven CT 06519 E-mail - mark.laubach(at) WWW - The review of applications will begin April 15, 2003 and will continue until the position is filled. E.O.E.

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