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Subject: association test - again
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Date:    Thu, 20 Mar 2003 16:32:50 +0100

Dear All In my first mail (see below) it appears that I was not specific enough (sorry for that) so I will try again. The situation is as follows: I have a number of sounds that have been designed to signal a specific status of a system (e.g. you call up the airline company to order tickets and you are put on a hold - the sound you hear while on hold should give the association "on hold" - or a heart rate monitor detects a HR above a given threshold and the sound you then hear should convey "you are above the threshold". The experiment that I want to perform has a number of sounds that each have been designed to signal a specific situation ("on hold" "above HR level" etc.) and I would like to test if the association the sound conveys is actually what was intended. The simple design would present the sound to the subject together with a list of possible situations (e.g. "on hold" etc. ) and the subjects task would be to indicate which of the available situations that the sound is associated to - but the might be other more clever designs ? I hope this (more) a understandable Regards and thank you for your time Soren >>>>> Hi All I am looking for references in relation to association tests: By that I mean a test where I intend to present a sound to a subject and ask the subject to indicate which of a given list of functions that is associated with the sound. A range of different sounds, each of which (hopefully :-)) represent a given function, will be tested. Any suggestions and/or references ? Thanks for your help and time. Best regards Soren >>>>>>>>

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