Re: data reduction: Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television? (Martin Braun )

Subject: Re: data reduction: Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television?
From:    Martin Braun  <nombraun(at)POST.NETLINK.SE>
Date:    Thu, 2 Jan 2003 13:52:30 +0100

Laszlo Toth asked: > On Mon, 23 Dec 2002, Martin Braun wrote: > > > Many tinnitus patients would be useful subjects to test a possible > > difference between conventional and vastly lossy sound reproduction. Is > > anybody aware if such investigations have ever been run? > > > What kind of investigations would you suggest? > (I have a slight tinnitus and listen to mp3 almost daily...) For a serious study it would be necessary to control many details. But if you are just interested in a preliminary personal test, you might do something like the following. 1) Take a piece of music that you like to hear. More importantly, take a piece of which you know that it can occasionally increase the subjective level of your tinnitus. 2) Transcode this piece into mp3, and also into wma (wma has an even stronger and better data reduction that mp3). 3) Now wait for an occasion when your selected piece, in the original version, increases your tinnitus. After that, switch off the original and switch on the mp3 or wma version. Compare the effects upon your tinnitus. Good luck, Martin ------------------------------------------- Martin Braun Neuroscience of Music S-671 95 Klassbol Sweden e-mail: nombraun(at)telia.coSm (erase the S) web site:

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