Re: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills? (susan allen )

Subject: Re: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills?
From:    susan allen  <susie(at)SHOKO.CALARTS.EDU>
Date:    Thu, 27 Feb 2003 07:40:32 -0800

You perhaps mean "place" and not "tap"? the harpist alternates hands on a trill so the placing occurs while something else is going on and doesn't delay the trill... >With a harp, the task is more complicated. You need not only to tap the >strings but to pluck them. A flute might be good (as long as the >build-up of the tone does not take to long), or if it is simply for the >matter of motor speed: a table. [A clavichord action comes close to >that.] > >susan allen wrote: >> I wonder if the "fastest trills" might be performed on a harp, since >> there is no mediating mechanism at all, no action, not a thing >> between the fingers and the strings.....

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