Re: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills? (Christian Kaernbach )

Subject: Re: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills?
From:    Christian Kaernbach  <chris(at)PSYCHOLOGIE.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE>
Date:    Fri, 28 Feb 2003 08:10:48 +0100

Thomas G Brennan wrote: > Judy, both performer ability and action recovery time will limit > trills. Dear Tom and Judy, I guess the fastest trills can be performed on a clavichord. The action of this instrument is so simple and the path for the key to go so much shorter that even a beginner can play reasonably fast trills. The experts will moan that the ideal of "historically informed performance" (HIP, this is very much like PC = "political correct") is not to produce the fastest trills ever heard of, but I will nevertheless ask the clavichord mailing list and let you know the result. Best, Christian Kaernbach

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