Re: formant filtering ("Alexander L. Francis" )

Subject: Re: formant filtering
From:    "Alexander L. Francis"  <francisa(at)PURDUE.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:44:56 -0500

Praat should be able do this, it does other aspects of source-filter re-synthesis quite well. I have not used it for changing bandwidths, but in principle it should work similarly to changing center frequencies, which I have done. Check out (it's free, and runs on a wide variety of platforms!) -alex At 21:08 +0530 2/26/03, REDDY SIVAPRASAD wrote: >Dear list, > > In an attempt to study the effects of 'enhanced speech' on >speech perception scores, I would like to reduce the formant band >width of some consonants. I would request for some sincere >suggestions to carry out this task....any software? Thanking you > >M. Reddy Sivaprasad >Junior Research Fellow, >Dept. of Audiology, >AIISH, MYSORE-6 >Karnataka India >Ph: +91-821-514449 >Fax: +91-821-510515 > > > > >STOP MORE SPAM with <>the new MSN 8 and >get 2 months FREE* -- Alexander L. Francis Purdue University francisA(at) Audiology and Speech Sciences ofc. +1 (765) 494-3815 500 Oval Drive lab. +1 (765) 494-7553 West Lafayette IN 47907-2038 fax. +1 (765) 494-0771 USA

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