correct citation for de Boer (herzfeld )

Subject: correct citation for de Boer
From:    herzfeld  <herzfeld(at)ALUM.MIT.EDU>
Date:    Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:10:38 -0500

Hello list, Alain de Cheveigné wrote that Egberts chapter is hard to find. It is. But this should help. You can go to the following URL which takes you to the library at the University of Florida in Gainsville directly to the page with the information on the book (actually a serial). With that in hand your library should be able to find it. ------------ -------------- The reason it is hard to find is that : 1. In my copy Springer states that the book is identified by ISBN 3-540-07129 for the version published in Berlin and 0-387-07129 for the version published in New York. Unfortunately here we catalog the handbook as a serial !! It can NOT be found under the Springer ISBN numbers. It can be found under the ISBN numbers 0387066764. What is worse is that the Handbook was published from 1971 (volume 1) to 1978 (volume 9). And the title is actually "Auditory system (Handbook of sensory physiology)" 2. The series had 9 volumes and the 5th volume has 3 parts also sometimes called volumes ! The first volume was published in 1971 the fifth volume in 1974 through 1976 (remember 3 parts) and the 9th and last volume in 1978. 3. The correct citation (if there is one) is: de Boer, E. (1974-1976). On the "residue" and auditory pitch perception. IN: Auditory System (Handbook of sensory physiology). W. D. Keidel and W. D. Neff. Berlin, Vol: 5(3) Springer-Verlag: 479-583. -------------- Copy of abovementioned URL Author, etc.: Keidel, Wolf Dieter. Title: Auditory system / [contributions] by H. W. Ades ... [et al.] ; edited by Wolf D. Keidel and William D. Neff. Published: Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, 1974-76. Description: 3 v. : ill. ; 26 cm. Series: Handbook of sensory physiology ; v. 5 Notes: Includes bibliographies and indexes. Contents: 1. Anatomy, physiology (ear)--2. Physiology (CNS), behavioral studies, psychacoustics.--3. Clinical and special topics. ISBN: 0387066764 : Other author(s), etc.: Neff, William D., joint author. Ades, Harlow Whiting, 1911- LOCATION: SCIENCE LIBRARY CALL NUMBER: QP351 .H34 vol.5 LIBRARY HAS: pt.1-3 -------------- It is very worthwhile to have a copy !! If you with the above information still cannot find a library that has a copy ask me to find one for you. There are over 200 libraries that seem to have copies. Worst comes to worst I have a copy that I made at the University of Konstanz. I also have a copy of deBoer's thesis. -- Fred Herzfeld, MIT'54 78 Glynn Marsh Drive #59 Brunswick, Ga. 31525-0504 Tel: (912) 262-1276

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