CFP: Workshop on Audio Assistive Technologies at ICAD 2003 (Ramani Duraiswami )

Subject: CFP:  Workshop on Audio Assistive Technologies at ICAD 2003
From:    Ramani Duraiswami  <Ramani(at)UMIACS.UMD.EDU>
Date:    Sun, 12 Jan 2003 22:44:46 -0500

Call for Papers A workshop on Audio Assistive Devices and Methods for the Visually Impaired will be held in conjunction with the 2003 International Conference on Auditory Displays. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for presenting research results and discussing practical implementations of assistive technologies for the visually impaired. The idea of presenting information that is normally available via vision through some other sensory modality such as audition has been around for a long time. The goals of this workshop are to critically evaluate successes and failures of this approach, identify the outstanding research questions in the field, and assess the state of the art. The workshop aims to bring together the many diverse communities concerned with this problem, including audio engineers, rehabilitation specialists, psychologists, computer scientists, and end users of this kind of technology. A stellar group of invited speakers will start the meeting off with presentations from different perspectives. Confirmed invited speakers include Jack Loomis (UC Santa Barbara), Bob Massof (Whitmer Eye Institute), and Josh Miele (UC Berkeley). In addition, we are soliciting contributed talks and posters covering 1) Use of audio in the classroom to educate the visually impaired 2) Auditory display of information 3) Wayfaring and other technologies 4) Manipulation of objects on a conventional graphical user interface via auditory mechanisms Submissions: There are two ways to submit your papers to the workshop. Method 1: DEADLINE FEBRUARY 2 Submit a regular paper to ICAD, and indicate that you are interested in presenting it at the workshop. These submissions will go through the ordinary ICAD peer-review process and (if accepted) be published as part of the ICAD proceedings. ICAD paper templates are available at Method 2: DEADLINE MARCH 17 Submit an abstract for the workshop only (the web interface will be available after 2 February 2003 at the same web site). Accepted Abstracts will be published in the ICAD proceedings as submitted. Abstracts can only contain text and must be 300 words or less. All decisions will be made by April 1 2003. Program Committee Ramani Duraiswami, University of Maryland Bruce Walker, Georgia Tech Josh Miele, UC Berkeley and Smith-Ketterwell Eye Research Institute Nat Durlach, MIT Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Boston University Deadline for submissions is March 10, 2003. Decisions will be provided by April 3, 2003. Papers are expected according to the instructions at the ICAD website SUBMISSIONS: Deadline 2 February 2003 through the ICAD submission site ( ). Authors should indicate that their submission is for the ICAD-AT workshop. Ramani Duraiswami University of Maryland Ramani(at)

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