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Subject: Re: Height and pitch
From:    pq  <pq(at)NENCKI.GOV.PL>
Date:    Tue, 18 Feb 2003 08:53:58 +0100

Roffler and Butler 1968 JASA 43(6): 1260-1266. This paper shows that association of pitch and elevation is quite robust. More importantly, 4 and 5 yr. old children showed similar effect. The authors claim that the children "showed no acquitance with the words high and low as associated with the frequency of the tonal stimuli". Pawel ================================= Pawel Kusmierek Department of Neurophysiology Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology 3, Pasteur St., 02-093 Warsaw, Poland tel. (48-22) 659 85 71 ex 379 fax (48-22) 822 53 42 E-mail: pq(at) or: pq(at) ICQ 11740175

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