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[AUDITORY] Release of the AMT 1.5.0

Dear all,

We have just released the Auditory Modeling Toolbox (AMT) version 1.5.0. No new models this time, but many important changes under the hood:

  • Rewrite of amt_start: Three times faster start than the AMT 1.4.0 :-),
  • Better compatibility for Octave,
  • More checks of toolboxes and packages on start,
  • Improved figure presentation on the website,
  • ... and many small changes focusing on a better documentation and compatibility.
The detailed changes are enlisted here. We thank the contributors, especially Bernhard Eurich and Florian Pausch!

The AMT 1.5 for Matlab and Octave contains over 60 models from various areas of auditory research and written in various programming languages. The AMT documentation for the AMT 1.5.0 can be found here. Further, over 40 GB of auxiliary data, HRTFs, and cached modeling results are available for download on the fly. The AMT 1.5.0 has been tested in Matlab and Octave on Windows and Linux*. Two release packages, the pure package (2 MB) and the "full package" (all third-party toolboxes included, 11 MB) are available for download.

The AMT is a community-driven project and would not exist without your help! If you find a bug or wish an improvement, please create a ticket in the "Issues" section of the project.

Best regards,

The AMT Team
(Piotr Majdak, Robert Baumgartner, Joonas Guevara, Michael Mihocic, Roberto Barumerli, and Alejandro Osses)

*) Because of a last-minute bug, the AMT 1.5.0 does not start in Octave on some Linux systems (Issue #296).

Piotr Majdak
Hearing Cluster, Member
Acoustics Research Institute, Deputy Director
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 51581-2511