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Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman's auditory demos

That’s a great idea Samuel
It would be good to acknowledge the contribution of Pierre A Ahad on the page as well. He was Al’s lab manager for 20+ years and collaborator on the demo CD project. 

(Ex-McGill Bregman lab)

On Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 5:15 AM, Samuel Mehr <00000243e39c5d2d-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Auditory list,

Many (all?) of you are familiar with Al Bregman's foundational work on auditory scene analysis. As a tribute to his work, and to preserve and disseminate it, with the permission of Abigail Sibley and Christopher Lyons we have created a page at https://www.themusiclab.org/bregman that makes his auditory scene analysis demos easily accessible to the world. In consultation with faculty members at McGill Psychology, we have also created a permanent archive of Bregman's personal website, which contains quite a few additional resources, at https://themusiclab.github.io/bregman-archive.

The demos, of course, are wonderful examples of how basic aspects of auditory perception work, they are fantastic for use in undergraduate lectures on perception and hearing, and they are also just a lot of fun to listen to. Courtney Hilton, a postdoc in my lab, designed the page; and Steve Pinker, who was one of Bregman's undergraduate advisees at McGill, wrote the introductory text.

We hope the page is useful to you and encourage you to share it with your students.


Samuel Mehr
School of Psychology, University of Auckland
and Child Study Center, Yale University
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