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[AUDITORY] Sorry | Thank You | Onward

Dear all

I joined this list over 2 decades ago and I am particularly saddened by the discourse we have had in the past 3 weeks.

Sorry: I want to apologize to all the trainees and junior faculty on this list. I have heard from many of you privately. I want to apologize that I have not spoken up against the problematic gatekeeping practices that the recent email threads have once again exposed. Be assured that many of us who are in the position to make institutional change is working to make the systems better for everyone. I know we are not going to make a difference by generating more discussions on this list. The mistake that I have personally made is to think that I should just keep my blinders on and chalk these emails as just the outliers from the system of the past and that I can safely ignore them. I was wrong and I hope you would all accept my apologies.

Thank you: I want to thank all the senior folks who use their privileges positively to painstakingly point out that we need to finally reconcile with our collective fragility in academia. Thank you for your bravery and well crafted emails. We must not continue to blindly defend our system being purely meritocratic. Only through accepting we are falling short from this ideal that we can improve in the future. 

Onward: Make no mistakes, many trainees and junior faculty are observing this thread in total frustration. Many respected colleagues have apparently left this list a long time ago because of these biased experiences. I hope you don’t. I hope that we would use this list to lift everyone up in our field and help each other to improve the ecosystem that we are all codependent on.

With respect and humility
Adrian KC Lee, ScD
Professor and Chair
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
University of Washington, Box 357988
Seattle, WA 98195-7988

Phone: (206) 616-0102; Fax: (206) 221-6472
Email: akclee@xxxxxx
Web: www.akclee.com

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