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[AUDITORY] EmoHI ver2 available -- Vocal emotion perception materials for children and adults (not language specific)

Dear all,

(I am also veering off-direction from our recent discussions. :) ..)

We were receiving a number of requests to share our vocal emotion perception materials, EmoHI, so here I wanted to announce that we have an updated version, ver 2:

The relevant paper is in this link, but please use ver2, as there were some small inconsistencies in the previous version linked from the paper:

The context is: When we started working on vocal emotion perception in children with differing hearing status and of varying native speaker languages, we were not able to find materials easily, also due to lack of speakers' consents to share for some older databases. We ended up recording our own. EmoHI database has core emotions of happy, sad, angry, along with neutral, produced by multiple speakers, and using non-language specific pseudo speech. When we were confident about them we decided to make them publicly available. If you happen to use them please let us know, mostly because it is great to see where they are used but also helpful for us to be aware of relevant work.


Prof. dr. ir. D. Başkent
Speech Perception Lab (dB SPL)
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