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Re: [AUDITORY] Hair cell DC ion concentrations

Dear Prof. Matt Flax,

I have these values in a paper about vestibular hair cells:

values measured for the rat in vivo: [Na]iI[K]i,
[Na]eI[K]e (i, intracellular ; e, endolymph); [K]iw[K]e
w140 mM and Vw380 mV (Bosher and Warren,
1968; Sterkers et al., 1988; Sauer et al., 1999).
From here, it follows that, in vivo, the MET

I attach this (relatively old) paper:

Hope data will be useful for you.

Best Regards

Enrique Soto

Attachment: 2002 Soto, Vega, Budelli, Hearing Research- anotadp.pdf
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