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Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust

I would strongly encourage young researchers (and older) to push for 
preprinting all their work. It seems increasingly clear that this is the 
future of academic communications. Just yesterday for example, the 
Council of the EU called on the Commission to move towards a publishing 
model that is free for both authors and readers:


The UK research agencies and it seems US research agencies have also 
made steps in these directions.

There are indeed some journals that don't allow citation of preprints, 
but this is now looking like an increasingly niche decision, with for 
example Nature and Science allowing it, and funders like NIH and 
Wellcome both encouraging it.

Going back to the original message, I preprint all my work, although the 
auditory stuff I'm more likely to put on biorxiv than arxiv. Interested 
to hear that arxiv now has an audio and speech section that I wasn't 
aware of!


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>Personally, no. As arXiv typically hosts so-called pre-prints, a free "archive" as it were, to allow free access to journal publications, making it different than a "publication" site. However, the fact that many authors seem to put documents on arXiv *before* their papers are accepted, and that these papers can even then be rejected while the arXiv document remains, means that arXiv is an unreliable reference for citations of published works. ArXiv is not accepted in some journals as a peer-reviewed reference for that very reason.
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>Is anyone publishing on arXiv at the moment ? It seems that to publish there they rely on a web of trust.
>There is an Audio and Speech section of arXiv which would suit our community.