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[AUDITORY] Looking for accomodation to share at CIAP / Lake Tahoe

Dear all,

Please accept my apologies for sending this request on the auditory
list, hoping it is appropriate.

As most accomodation are already fully booked in the Tahoe City area,
I'm currently trying to find a reasonnably priced accomodation for
attending CIAP (Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses, 9-13
July) in Lake Tahoe, USA next July. If anyone on the list is attending
too and is willing to share a space with me (for example if a group is
hiring a place with some space still available, or any other solution),
I'd be happy to talk about the conditions off-list.

I'm a 50-yo, male, university lecturer based in Nantes (France,
Linguistics Laboratory), non-smoker (but it's not a problem for me to
share with smokers), quiet and easygoing (I think :), happy to share
with either people expecting a quiet space or with people who would
tend to make some (reasonable) noise during the day and even late night.

Please answer via email off-list.

Yours sincerely.


  Olivier Crouzet, PhD (he/his)
  /Maître de Conférences/
  @LLING - Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes
    UMR6310 CNRS / Université de Nantes