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[AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - March 14 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Research Seminars)

Dear fellow neuroscientists,


Please join us on Tuesday, March 14 at 1:00 pm EDT (UTC-4) for the next edition of E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Research Seminars), a monthly auditory seminar series focused on central auditory processing and circuits. This month we are excited to host a special Professional Development session:


Academic publishing: behind-the-scenes tips for managing peer reviews and data


Panelists: Catherine Carr (UMD), Dan Sanes (NYU), Stephen David (OHSU)



The seminar will be hosted on Zoom. You can access the seminars here: https://pennmedicine.zoom.us/j/95396120820. This link is also posted on our website https://sites.google.com/view/ears2020/home. The E.A.R.S. subscriber list is the ears-seminar google group, which you can join by emailing: ears2022+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or visiting the following link: https://groups.google.com/g/ears2022.


Additional upcoming E.A.R.S. seminars (1:00 pm ET):

  • 04/18/2023:     Trainee Talks - stay tuned for application info!
  • 05/09/2023:     Charles Anderson (West Virginia University) & Dayo Adewole (University of Pennsylvania)


With kind wishes,

Maria Geffen

Yale Cohen

Steve Eliades

Stephen David

Alexandria Lesicko

Nathan Vogler

Jean-Hugues Lestang

Huaizhen Cai