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Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the monotoSTEREO.info Website!


And I also like the non-satirical idea that a perfect mono reproduction, i.e. with a single loudspeaker, can produce a perfect 6DOF audio reproduction of a single source when the directivity of the loudspeaker matches the directivity of the source (e.g. single dry speech recordings).

For music 3DOF immersion should be strived for as explained in this paper:



John Beerends



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Les, that's precious!  Thanks for keeping us up to date on 50-year-old satirical ideas!





On Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 4:11 PM Les Bernstein <lbernstein@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Interesting, but why?  After all, monophonic sound is superior to stereo sound!  See the attached regarding converting to monophonic sound. You're about 50 years too late.🙂

Les Bernstein

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On 1/28/2023 10:48 PM, Christopher Kissel wrote:

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For many years it was considered impossible to realistically convert mono musical source material to stereo. In fact, consider this statement in the Third Edition of The New Stereo Soundbook by Ron Streicher & F. Alton Everest (2006 Audio Engineering Associates), undoubtably one of the most authoritative books published on the subject of stereo sound:


“The most important point in studying the various methods of converting a mono signal to stereo is the realization that it is impossible to do so: the best that can be hoped for is a signal that has some of the characteristics of a stereo signal.”


On January 29, 2015 my website, monotoSTEREO.info, went live. I started the website to provide a collection of resources for individuals interested in upmixing older mono source material to stereo through the use of spectral editing and audio (sound) source separation... more specifically, music source separation. In that time the website has been visited over 66,000 times by individuals in 185 countries!


The goal of this technology is the creating of stereo mixes that are virtually indistinguishable from stereo mixes created using multitrack session tapes, had they existed.


There are now several hundred examples mono recordings that have been upmixed to stereo using this technology which have been linked to on the MEDIA pages of the website. A number of these have been released commercially:



























Links to commercially available releases which utilize this technology can be found here:





There are now a total of 106 tools featured on the TOOLS pages of the website, which are accessible from the pull-down menus anywhere on the website:







More tools continue to be added, including web-based services and even music source separation apps that run on iOS and Android devices!


There are now over 1,700 research papers, presentations, etc. linked to on the RESEARCH pages of the website!


A companion Facebook page for the website provides updates and related content. Be sure to “Like” the Facebook page to follow it for the updates!


You can also follow me on Mastodon: https://techhub.social/@mono_to_STEREO


I’d like to take this opportunity to again thank the engineers who have been showcasing what is possible with this technology. I must also thank the various researchers and developers who have made this technology accessible, powerful, and useable for so many. The technology and the tools to utilize it continue to improve dramatically! Lastly, a big thank you to the visitors to the website. Your continued interest and support are very much appreciated! I sincerely hope that you continue to find the website interesting, informative, educational, and inspiring!


Best regards,

Christopher Kissel

Owner & Webmaster of monotoSTEREO.info










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