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[AUDITORY] Sharing Neurophysiological Data

Dear Colleagues,
     As part of our effort to share data, we have prepared a cloud-based web app that displays physiological responses of auditory midbrain neurons. Plots include some typical analyses of responses to several standard stimulus paradigms, based on extracellular tetrode recordings made in the inferior colliculus (as in Carney et al., J. Neurosci, 2014; Fan et al, Hearing Research, 2021).
     You can access the “UR Physio” web app at 
https://urhear.urmc.rochester.edu. Standard plots of selected responses can be assembled into a downloadable pdf file. For those interested in doing different analyses of the data, or perhaps developing similar data-sharing resources, the Matlab source code and data files are available at: https://osf.io/jnpf7/
    A manual is available on the web app and OSF site.
Please send questions, comments, and suggestions!



Laurel H. Carney, PhD

Marylou Ingram Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of Rochester

URMC Rm 5-6438

Tel: 585-276-3948


Cloud-based auditory models: https://urhear.urmc.rochester.edu
Open Science Framework: Computational Models: https://osf.io/6bsnt/