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Registration and abstract submission are open, www.chscom2017.se

CHSCOM2017 - Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication
18-21 June, 2017 - Linköping, Sweden

Registration and abstract submission are open, www.chscom2017.se   

The conference will be focusing on three themes: 

  • Communication in challenging conditions
  • Brain plasticity
  • Translational cognitive hearing science

We look forward to meeting many of you who have participated in previous conferences
but we always strive to meet new, young researchers. This is key to the development of the field.

The conference will include a pre-conference, invited speakers and open poster sessions. 

Kindly forward this email to other interested parties, mailing lists and networks.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Jerker Rönnberg
Professor Psychology
Linnaeus Centre HEAD, 
The Swedish Institute for Disability Research,
Linköping University,



Thomas Lunner
Senior Scientist, Professor, PhD

Research Area Manager, Cognitive Hearing Science

Eriksholm Research Centre                    Linnaeus Centre HEAD

Rørtangvej 20                                                The Swedish Institute for Disability Research

3070 Snekkersten                                          Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning

Denmark                                                       Linköping University

Direct:     +45 4829 8918                                 581 83 Linköping

Mobil:     +46 7093 81298                               Sweden

Email:     thlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx                        Email: thomas.lunner@xxxxxx

Website: www.eriksholm.com

Eriksholm pursues audiological
discoveries with the potential to
significantly enhance end-user
benefits in future hearing care.
We work in close collaboration
with academic research institutions,
clinicians and end-users, and being
part of Oticon ensures that our scien-
tific insights are applied in solutions
that empower people with hearing loss.