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COSYNE 2017: Travel grants, registration, and hotels


Computational and Systems Neuroscience 2017 (Cosyne)

23 - 26 February 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

27 - 28 February 2017
Snowbird, Utah




Travel grants submission is currently open.
Online registration is currently open.
Hotel booking is currently open.

Travel grant application deadlines
    Dec 31, 2016, 11.59PM PST (*Undergraduate* Travel Grant)
    Jan 14, 2017, 11.59PM PST (Other travel grants)

Early registration deadline
    Jan 31, 2017, 11.45PM EST

Hotel booking deadlines
    Jan 13, 2017, Last day for reduced hotel rates at workshops
    Feb 01, 2017, Last day for reduced hotel rates at main meeting

For more detailed information on Cosyne, please visit www.cosyne.org.


Applications are now open for travel grants to attend the conference.
Each awardee will receive at least $500 to help offset the costs of
travel, registration, and accommodations. Larger grants may be available
to those traveling from outside North America. Special consideration is
given to scientists who have not previously attended the meeting,
under-represented minorities, students who are attending the meeting
together with a mentor, undergraduate students, and authors of submitted
Cosyne abstracts. We currently offer four travel grant programs for New
Attendees, Presenters, Mentors, and Undergraduates. For details on
applying, see cosyne.org, section Travel grants.


The annual Cosyne meeting provides an inclusive forum for the exchange
of empirical and theoretical approaches to problems in systems
neuroscience, in order to understand how neural systems function.

The MAIN MEETING is single-track. A set of invited talks are selected by
the Executive Committee, and additional talks and posters are selected
by the Program Committee, based on submitted abstracts. The WORKSHOPS
feature in-depth discussion of current topics of interest, in a small
group setting. For details on workshop proposals please visit
cosyne.org, section Workshops.

Cosyne topics include but are not limited to: neural coding, natural
scene statistics, dendritic computation, neural basis of persistent
activity, nonlinear receptive field mapping, representations of time and
sequence, reward systems, decision-making, synaptic plasticity, map
formation and plasticity, population coding, attention, and computation
with spiking networks.

We would like to foster increased participation from experimental groups
as well as computational ones. Please circulate widely and encourage
your students and postdocs to attend.

    Yoshua Bengio (Montreal)
    Brent Doiron (Pittsburgh)
    Catherine Dulac (Harvard)
    Greg Gage (Backyard Brains)
    Surya Ganguli (Stanford)
    Maria Geffen (Penn)
    Gero Miesenbock (Oxford)
    Liz Phelps (NYU)
    Jonathan Pillow (Princeton)
    Vanessa Ruta (Rockefeller)
    Daphna Shohamy (Columbia)
    Kay Tye (MIT)
    Nao Uchida (Harvard)

    General Chairs: Megan Carey (Champalimaud) and Emilio Salinas (Wake
    Program Chairs: Ilana Witten (Princeton) and Eric Shea-Brown (U
    Workshop Chairs: Laura Busse (LMU, Munich) and Alfonso Renart
    Undergraduate Travel Chairs: Angela Langdon (Princeton) and Robert
Wilson (U Arizona)
    Publicity Chair: Il Memming Park (Stony Brook)

    Anne Churchland (CSHL)
    Zachary Mainen (Champalimaud)
    Alexandre Pouget (U Geneva)
    Anthony Zador (CSHL)

    cosyne.meeting [at] gmail.com


Please consider adding yourself to Cosyne mailing lists (groups) to
receive email updates with various Cosyne-related information and join
in helpful discussions. See Cosyne.org -> Mailing lists for details.