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Salzburg Mind Brain Annual (SAMBA) Meeting 2017 - Announcement

Dear all,

in July 2017 the Salzburg Mind Brain Annual Meeting (SAMBA) is taking place, which might attract your interest (though its topic is a bit broader than that of the auditory list).

The mission of SAMBA is to attract the most exciting researchers in the domain of cognitive neuroscience, including related fields (e.g., computational modelling, animal neurophysiology, neurology etc.) that influence or are influenced by developments in cognitive neuroscience. Furthermore, its goal is to make young scientists enthusiastic about this research field.

Interested? Please, find the offical announcement below.


Anne(kathrin Weise)


Dear all,

apologies in advance if you should receive this mail multiple times due to cross-posting on different lists. 

On behalf also of my colleagues and our advisory board, I am happy to announce the Salzburg Mind Brain Annual Meeting (SAMBA) which will take place on the 13.-14. July 2017.

Confirmed speakers for the upcoming event are:
• Ole Jensen (Birmingham)
• Catherine Tallon-Baudry (Paris)
• Pascal Fries (Frankfurt)
• Tobias Donner (Hamburg)
• Angelika Lingnau (London)
• Sylvain Baillet (Montreal)
• Rosalyn Moran (Bristol)
• Jan Mathijs Schoffelen (Nijmegen)
• Christian-G. Bénar (Marseille) 

The workshop will be rather small (~100 participants) to enable lots of occasion for interactions. You will have the possibility to present a poster (please indicate while registering, with -at least- a tentative title. The participation for SAMBA2017 is free.

For more information see the workshop website:

Also, prior to the workshop (11. & 12.07) there will be a Fieldtrip workshop help by Robert Oostenveld and Jan Mathijs Schoffelen. There are ~20 places for this event. The participation for the Fieldtrip workshop is for free.

Registration is on the same site as above. So if you play it smart you can be part of 2 neuroscience highlights in 2017!


Nathan Weisz
Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
Division of Physiological Psychology
University of Salzburg

Annekathrin Weise, Dr.

Institut für Psychologie,
Universität Leipzig,
Neumarkt 9-19,
04109 Leipzig, Germany,