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Call for Ph.D. Research Opportunities

Call for Ph.D. Research Opportunities

PhD positions are available in Dr. Chin-Tuan Tan’s laboratory in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas, Dallas. The objective of the laboratory is to correlate behavioral to electrophysiological measures of auditory function to understand and predict the adaptation process of hearing impaired listening to their assistive hearing devices. 

The laboratory is a joint effort between the Schools to build an interdisciplinary research program focuses on the intervention of acoustic/audio/neural engineering in mitigating the process of listeners in adapting to their hearing devices for better performance in different listening scenarios. Techniques include, but not restricted, signal processing, audiological measures, psychoacoustics, physiological measures (EEG, MRI, OAE), physiological imaging and acoustics. 

Self-motivated candidates with a background in signal processing, and hands-on experience in MATLAB and C/C++ programming are encouraged to apply. An ideal candidate would have understanding of auditory system and is motivated in R&D related to neuroscience, experimental psychology, and audiology. Prior experience in EEG acquisition & analysis with assistive hearing device listeners is preferred but not required. 

The University of Texas at Dallas is an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas on the path to achieving Tier One national research university status. It includes 138 degree programs, with cutting-edge curricula serving a variety of undergraduate and graduate student interests. The RA opportunity at UT-Dallas covers full tuition and provides a good monthly stipend to the researcher.

To apply, please send your CV, contact information, and a cover letter including a brief statement of your scientific/research interests to: Chin-Tuan Tan, Ph.D. at Chin-Tuan.Tan@xxxxxxxxxxxx or Hussnain Ali , Ph.D. at hussnain.ali@xxxxxxxxxxxx.