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Audio DSP Research Engineer @ Oculus Research

Oculus Research is seeking candidates for a contract software engineering position in audio and acoustics. This engineering role is in direct support of the audio research team working on implementing, established and new audio DSP techniques.


* Build a software framework to implement, debug and test new audio techniques.
* Read, understand and implement established audio DSP techniques from academic papers.
* Work with research scientists, acoustic engineers and research assistants to implement software framework for psychoacoustics user studies.
* Implement standard audio dsp techniques in the area of spatial audio, adaptive noise cancellation, beamforming and other related problems.


* 3-5 years of experience developing software for audio or dsp applications.
* 3-5 years of experience in C++ and MATLAB.
* 3+ years of experience in audio driver or third-party software such as WASAPI, FMOD, or Wwise.
* Advanced math skills and experience reading and understanding academic papers about audio, signal processing, data structures, and algorithms are strong pluses.
* Experience in Python or Lua would be a plus.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, acoustics or equivalent field.

Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Tony Miller
Oculus Research