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JASA Express Letters Template

Hi Phil,

Yes I have one. And I was working with JASA team to try solve this problem. I have submitted several (2)
MS to JASA using this format, and they have gotten by the screening process.

To save me time, can I send you the Latex MS that we submitted, so I dont need to turn it into a template?
I think I have a template, and if so, I can send that. I'll need to look.

Here is an overview of what I did to solve this problem:
1) dont use the JASA template, its broken. You must use


\usepackage{natbib} %jasa style references; works with subfigure             <-- Likely required to work
\bibliographystyle{apalike} %slight difference with some refs                    <-- maybe not necessary

%\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1}                       <-- for no line spacing
\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.2}                       <-- change to for submission

%JASA Headers                                                              <-- essential for JASA

\renewcommand{\thefootnote}{\alph{footnote})} %Not sure this is necessary

% A few lines are necessary to convert the headers from numerical to alpha. These lines are
%This IS essential:

     \textbf{\Roman{section}. \ #1}\setcounter{subsection}{0}
    \setlength{\parindent}{5ex} %\vspace{3mm}

    \textbf{\Alph{subsection}. \ #1} \setcounter{subsubsection}{0}
    \setlength{\parindent}{5ex} %\vspace{2mm}

    \textbf{\arabic{subsubsection}. \ #1}

% JASA Headers END

Normal stuff:
\title{How to Tune a Hearing Aid Using Phone Recognition}
\author{Ali Abavisani and Jont B Allen\\
Dept.~of Electrical and Computer Engineering\\
The Beckman Inst.~Urbana IL
\linenumbers                                               <optional but very useful


%\bibliography{BIBS/AllenJournal-AliEdit       <remove this before submission
and replace it with the contents of the bib file output. It should like like this:

\renewcommand{\section}[2]{ {\huge \bf \refname} \vspace{5mm} } { \vspace{20mm} }


\bibitem[Allen, 1994]{Allen94a}
Allen, J.~B. (1994).
\newblock How do humans process and recognize speech?
\newblock {\em IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio}, 2(4):567--577.


% Figure captions

\renewcommand{\section}[2] { \vspace{5mm} }{ {\huge \bf Figure Captions } \vspace{5mm} }

\section{Figure Captions}
Figure 1: This figure shows the .....

Hi All,

Does anyone have a (link to) a word template for JASA Express Letters? Or, failing that, a latex style sheet.

Thanks in advance.
*** note email is now p.green@xxxxxxxxxx ***
Professor Phil Green
Dept of Computer Science
University of Sheffield
*** note email is now p.green@xxxxxxxxxx ***