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Positions at the University of Southern California

Research Associate and Postdoctoral Researcher sought:  A faculty position is open for a Research Associate and a training position is open for a Postdoctoral Scientist in the Abdala Laboratory at the University of Southern California.  These individuals will participate in a multi-year project studying the development and aging of cochlear function and the generation of otoacoustic emissions across the human lifespan. The aims of this project are to define and optimize the recording of stimulus frequency OAEs in human newborns, and to study the apical half of the newborn cochlea using OAEs and temporal-bone histology. We work with research engineers and modelers to develop and utilize custom-designed, advanced OAE methodologies and analysis techniques for our studies. 


The potential to become involved in lecturing and teaching is available, if the candidate desires.  Although experience is ideal, no prior study of the cochlea or OAEs is required. We seek motivated candidates with a strong auditory science or neuroscience background and will provide training and teaching.  Audiologists are encouraged to apply.


The University of Southern California has an excellent benefits package and a thriving hearing research community in the Caruso Department of Otolaryngology, Keck School of Medicine.  Please send a letter of interest and a CV to:  Carolina.abdala@xxxxxxxxxxx.



Carolina Abdala, Ph.D.

Professor of Otolaryngology

Keck School of Medicine

University of Southern California

(323) 865-1281