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Two PhD positions at UMCG -- funded by ENRICH


Dear List,


We are happy to announce 2 PhD positions in our research group at the Otorhinolaryngology Department of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). Both positions are part of a new Marie Curie European Training Network, ENRICH (Enriched Communication Across the Lifespan), and will be conducted in collaboration with partner institutions.


PhD position ‘Top-down enrichment of speech perception’

This project will investigate the potential benefits of musical training for improving speech perception and reducing cognitive effort involved in speech processing by hearing impaired listeners.

Deadline for applications is 2 October 2016.

For more information and to apply: http://ow.ly/oqYh303VIo8


PhD position ‘Enhancement of speech emotion recognition’

This project will investigate the perception of emotional information in speech by hearing impaired listeners and cochlear implant users with the goal of developing training paradigms for hearing rehabilitation.

Deadline for applications is 2 October 2016.

For more information and to apply: http://ow.ly/mKOD303VKOG


ENRICH network and early stage researcher positions

The ENRICH network presents other PhD positions as well.

For more details:



The audiology research group at UMCG

The audiology research group at UMCG offers a unique opportunity to researchers to work in a clinical setting, in close collaboration with medical staff. Further, the group is embedded in both Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Research School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, providing a rich training environment for PhD students. We have access to and experience on several research tools, including eye tracking and pupillometry, which will be used in the PhD projects offered.

For more details:




We will be looking forward to receiving applications from motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about working in a multi-disciplinary environment.


Best wishes,

Deniz Baskent



Prof. dr. D. Baskent

Dept. Otorhinolaryngology

University Medical Center Groningen

Research School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Groningen

phone: +31 50 361 2554

web: dbaskent.org


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