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Re: Wexler-Halwes Dichotic Rhymed Words Test

Hi again,

I'm reposting this as the last time I did it over a long weekend and it may have been missed by many.  I am looking for the Wexler and Hawles (1983) stimuli.  Thanks to those who helped find the original paper.

Matt Goupell

On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Matt Goupell <goupell@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Auditory List,

We have been searching for the Wexler-Halwes Fused Dichotic Rhymed Words Test stimuli without much luck.  

Wexler and Hawles (1983) "Increasing the power of dichotic methods: the fused rhymed words test," Neuropsychologia, 21(1):59-66.

If anyone knows where they might be obtained, it would be much appreciated.

Matt Goupell