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clinical tests for suprathreshold hearing deficits

Dear list,


Recently our audiology clinic has received several requests to evaluate adult (and some teenage) patients who present with normal audiometric thresholds, but who complain of hearing difficulties in noisy backgrounds. Currently we use a battery of tests used to assess central auditory processing disorder, including some electrophysiological measures (e.g., middle latency response). We have also considered adding tests thought to be sensitive to “hidden” hearing loss, such as auditory brainstem response testing with particular attention to the amplitude of wave I (Schaette and McAlpine, 2011) and the latency of wave V in background noise (Mahraei et al., 2016).


We are curious to know how other clinics assess these patients. Would any of you be willing to share the battery of tests you use to evaluate patients with normal audiograms but who perceive speech-in-noise problems?