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Music and CI symposium - Extended Abstract Deadline August 15th

Dear colleagues,


Please bear with me while I announce the extension of the submission deadline for the Music and CI symposium. As many people return from Holidays now, we decided to accept abstracts for another 2 weeks.


1st International Symposium on Music and Cochlear Implants, Oct 13-14, Eriksholm Research Centre, Elsinore, Denmark


We invite submission of short abstracts via the symposium webpage. Deadline for submission  is August 15th.


Due to a kind sponsorship from the Oticon Foundation, there is no attendance fee for registered participants. A maximum of 80 participants can be hosted at the conference venue, and a pool of these seats have been pre-reserved for presenters.


Deadline for registration is September 1st.


For the event we have an exciting list of distinguished keynote speakers in the field of Music and Cochlear implants:


-          Prof. Charles Limb, director at SF Douglas Cochlear Implant Centre

-          Dr. Jeremy Marozaeu, DTU Centre for Applied Hearing Research

-          Prof. Isabelle Peretz, co-director BRAMS, University of Montreal

-          Dr. Valerie Looi, Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

-          Prof. Elvira Brattico, co-director Music in the Brain, Aarhus University

-          Dr. John Galvin III, UCLA

-          Prof. Jay Rubinstein, University of Washington


Further details on the event can be found at  www.implantsandmusic.net


On behalf of the organising committee,

Niels Pontoppidan