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Postdoctoral Research Position at Washington University in St. Louis

Posting on behalf of Jeffery T. Lichtenhan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at Washington University School of Medicine.  All correspondence regarding the position should be sent directly to him (please do not reply to this email) at: LichtenhanJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Postdoctoral Research Position at Washington University in St. Louis

We are seeking a fulltime postdoctoral researcher to help with ongoing experiments in our laboratories. MDs, PhD, or AuDs are encouraged to apply. Our research questions address the origin of objective measurements from the ear. Objective measurements are routinely used to study cochlear physiology and identify hearing loss, but their origins remain uncertain. Understanding their origins will improve their usefulness in basic and clinical applications.

Several of our current studies use a variety of cochlear manipulations to determine the origin along the cochlear spiral of reflection-source otoacoustic emissions components with various latencies. One of our technical innovations allows sequential drug delivery to finely spaced cochlear regions using slow drug injection into the cochlear apex. This technique is designed to overcome concentration losses associated with classical round window drug delivery. Another study addresses a long-standing question of high scientific and clinical interest that still does not have an answer: What is the origin of low-frequency hearing loss in ears with permanent endolymphatic hydrops? A innovation associated with this study overcomes a long standing obstacle in obtaining gross neural measurements at frequencies below 1 kHz, the region affected by hydrops, by using our recently developed measurement technique: the “Auditory Nerve Overlapped Waveform” (ANOW). 

Our experiments use animal models. We will provide the necessary training for surgical techniques. A background in computer programing would be beneficial, but an enthusiasm to learn would be terrific if you do not have experience. Your primary role will be to make recordings and preliminarily analysis of a variety of measurements using customized data acquisition rigs and to participate in writing manuscripts. 

Washington University in St. Louis has a long history of making contributions to the field of hearing and vestibular science. Our Department of Otolaryngology is currently growing. It’s a friendly and exciting atmosphere to do research, and provides a good sense of community. You may have additional opportunities to get involved with our ongoing collaborations that make objective measurements from the human ear during surgeries in the operating room with Professor and Chair Craig A. Buchman MD FACS, studies on the pharmacokinetics of inner-ear therapeutics with Professor Alec N. Salt PhD, and studies of cochlear mechanics with Professor John J. Guinan Jr. PhD. 

Please send inquires and CVs to LichtenhanJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxx