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PhD position on computational music structure analysis at Utrecht University

(with apologies for cross-posting)

Dear colleagues,

this is the first call for the opening of a PhD position on computational music structure analysis at Utrecht University, to start within the next 6 months. Please spread the word to potential candidates!

Position: 4 years appointment for fully funded PhD position

Research topic: A functional model of music structure analysis

The goal of this research in the area of Computational Music Structure Analysis is to model the interplay of different musical dimensions for uncovering the relevant constituents of musical structure, using modern functional programming languages such as Haskell. Functional programming languages provide abstract and efficient ways to model musical concepts and transformations defined by induction on musical structure, and facilitate the exploration of functional composition of the elements that constitute top-down and bottom-up processes that induce musical structure. The functional model of musical structure will be applied to music similarity as researched in Music Information Retrieval and Computational Music Analysis, for the comparison of pieces within and across musical styles.

Requirements: Candidates must have a masters degree  in Computer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Humanities Computing, or any other relevant discipline, with  knowledge in functional programming, as well as proven affection with and knowledge of music (notation, basic theory).

Contact: The PhD will be supervised by Anja Volk and Wouter Swierstra at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University. For more information on the project please contact Anja Volk, email: a.volk@xxxxx (out of office July 13 - August 7, please contact Vincent Koops at h.v.koops@xxxxx during that time) and Wouter Swierstra, email: w.s.swierstra@xxxxx

Kind regards,
Anja Volk

Anja Volk, 
VIDI-laureate, Project leader MUSIVA 
Assistant Professor, MA, MSc, PhD

Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University
PO Box 80.089
3508 TB Utrecht, the Netherlands
Tel.:+31 (30) 253 5965
email: a.volk@xxxxx