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Postdoc position - University of Colorado


I have an open postdoc position available immediately.  Please circulate the letter below to those that you think might be interested.


The overarching objective of this Department of Defense funded position is to conduct studies to improve and extend the biomechanical understanding of auditory and vestibular injury from acoustic blast and noise. Additionally the effort will promote the development of new technologies to prevent and mitigate blast and noise injury to the auditory system by enhancing techniques for the development and assessment of hearing protective systems. Specific objectives of the proposed effort include: 1) Develop a neuro-functional understanding of auditory injury encompassing the dynamics of the peripheral auditory system, through sensory transduction, to central auditory processing; 2) Enhance existing auditory hazard models using physiological and behavioral metrics from human and animal surrogates; 3) Develop an animal model, correlating human and animal auditory mechanisms and physiological responses to noise and blast events; 4) Develop a robust, validated system for the evaluation of hearing protective systems across the broad range of intensities and frequency spectra seen in real-world exposures.


The position requires the skills and competencies to conduct acoustical, mechanical (laser Doppler vibrometry, fiber optic pressure measurements, etc.), physiological and anatomical experiments in both animal and human cadaveric specimens.  The position requires occasional work on weekends and after normal business hours.  The position also requires work with industry partners.  Finally, an important aspect of this work is the development of computational models of the studied phenomena, thus skills in computation are essential.


Applicants must have a PhD in Neuroscience, Biology, Engineering or related field, an interest in the mechanics and physiology underlying the auditory and vestibular systems, and extensive programming (MATLAB/Python) and statistical analysis experience.  Experience with middle and inner ear mechanics in human or animal models is also preferred, but not necessary.  Salary may exceed NIH pay-scales for the right applicant who can start immediately.


The University of Colorado School of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer -- Race/Gender/Disability/Veteran


Please send CV and cover letter via email to:

Daniel J. Tollin, PhD


University of Colorado School of Medicine

Department of Physiology & Biophysics/Mail Stop 8307

Research Complex 1-N, Rm 7106

12800 East 19th Ave

Aurora, CO 80045