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Deadline Extension: Interactive Sonification Workshop (ISon 2016)

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Dear all, 

Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the following opportunity to submit original scientific results to the Interactive Sonification Workshop 2016.

The submission deadline for 1-page extended abstracts has been extended to June 27, 2016.

Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit full article versions, see <http://interactive-sonification.org/ISon2016/>

Kind regards, 

The Interactive Sonification Workshop Organizing Committee

ISon 2016 Call for Papers

5th International Workshop on Interactive Sonification (ISon 2016) 
16th of December 2016 (with a satellite event on the 15th)
CITEC, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany

1-page abstract deadline: June 20th 2016  (==> extended to June 27th 2016)

The ISon 2016 meeting is the 5th International workshop on Interactive Sonification, following (Bielefeld 2004, York 2007, Stockholm 2010 and Erlangen 2013) 

Besides an online open access publication we plan to publish a special journal issue, as in the past ISon meetings (see IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification 2005), and Springer Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 2012 and IEEE Multimedia 2015.

Call for Papers

Interactive Sonification is the specialized research topic concerned with the use of sound to portray data, but where there is a person at the heart of an interactive control loop. This workshop encourages submissions for oral or poster presentations that deal with:
• Interfaces between humans and auditory displays
• Reproducible research in Interactive Sonification
• Applications of Interactive Sonification
• Tightly closed multimodal interaction loops and their perception
• Evaluation of performance, usability and multi-modal 
interactive systems including auditory feedback
• Sonification for data analysis and data mining
• Computational models of sonification
• Practical systems and working prototypes
• Signal and audio processing algorithms for audio synthesis
• Long-term usage compatibility of Interactive Sonification
including aesthetics and acceptance
• Sonifications in collaborative contexts


We invite two forms of presentation:
* Full Papers: 20 minutes presentation (15+5), papers in PDF format 4-8 pages.
* Posters: papers in PDF format 4–8 pages, ideally including a demonstration.

Satellite Events

There are several satellite events in connection to this workshop:
• A visit to the Christmas market of Bielefeld
• An interactive session on Interactive Sonification for smart environments 
that takes place on the 15th of December 2016.
• A social dinner that takes place on the 16th of December 2016.
• A lab tour to the CITEC laboratories takes place on the 15th of December 2016:

Paper Submission

As in previous ISon workshops, the paper submission process is as follows. 
• First, authors submit a 1-page extended abstract that is reviewed by the organizing committee.
• Then, the organizing committee selects the most relevant abstracts and notifies authors of their eligibility for full paper submission. Please note that the eligibility for submission is not a guarantee that the paper will be published.
• Finally, to guarantee a high quality of the contributions, full papers go through a double-blinded review process.


Early registration, before November 20th 2016:
* 90€ non-student and student registrations.

Late registration, after November 20th 2016:
* 120€ non-student and student registrations.

Important Dates

• Extended abstract deadline: June 20th 2016 (==> extended to June 27th 2016)
• Notification of eligibility for submission: July 15th 2016.
• Full paper submission deadline: September 15th 2016.
• Notification of acceptance: November 1st 2016.
• Deadline for camera-ready papers: November 20th 2016.
• Deadline for early registration: November 20th 2016.
• Special technical requirements request: December 15th 2016.
• Satellite event: December 15th 2016.
• ISon 2016 workshop: December 16th 2016.

Organizing Committee

Thomas Hermann, Bielefeld University 
Roberto Bresin, KTH, Stockholm
Jiajun Yang, Bielefeld University (Program chair)
Andy Hunt, University of York (Advisory Board) 

For more information please visit:

Kind regards, 

The Interactive Sonification Workshop Organizing Committee

Roberto Bresin
Professor of Media Technology
Director Media Technology B.Sc. programme
CSC - School of Computer Science and Communication
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
phone +46(0)70 795 7876