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Re: speech database

Dear Joe,

You might look at the LDC "fletcher articulation" database
if you want the specifics, ask.

This has 20 talkers with about half of them saying all possible CV, VC and CVC syllables.
It is recorded in several different formats with different microphones and conditions (isolated syllable and syllable with carrier phrase).

You will find some examples on my website:


Specifically these examples are at:


Here are some example sounds in carrier phrases: [ ]

Scroll down to:

Interspeech 2013 Demos of Cue-modified speech

where you will find demos where I used some isolated CV sounds.

Jont Allen

On 05/24/2016 03:55 AM, Sollini, Joseph wrote:

Dear list,


I am looking for recommendations for speech databases of English speakers, containing male and female voices of different ages.  Ideally the voices would cover large range of speakers with both a range of similar and dissimilar sounding speakers (i.e. across different pitch, vocal tract length, formant frequencies).  Alternatively does anyone know of some realistic speech generation software that allows manipulation of these parameters and is suitable for generating large stimulus batteries?  Basically I’m hoping to have a database of speakers that allows me to (as much as possible) parametrise the characteristics of speakers voices.


I have found a few potential databases and speech generation packages but I’d really love to know which ones people prefer (and to know which ones I’ve missed).


All help welcome!






Dr Joseph Sollini

Post-doctoral researcher

UCL Ear Institute