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signal processing engineer position

Dear List,


Listent Corporation, located in Bothell, Washington, now has open positions for DSP engineers who can help implement new signal processing algorithms for cochlear implants on DSP platforms. Listent is a startup company funded by Shanghai Listent Medical Corp, one of major cochlear implant manufacturers in China.


Basic requirements:


BS, MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering/Computer Engineering or related field

familiar with speech and audio signal processing theories and applications

experience in Matlab and  C/C++ programming

hands-on experience in programming real-time DSP platforms (such as TI, On Semiconductor) will be highly preferred

Familiar with basic signal processing in cochlear implant and hearing devices will be preferred


If interested, please send CV and other documents to: kbnie@xxxxxxxxx.




On behalf of Listent Corp.

Kaibao Nie, PhD

email: kbnie@xxxxxxxxx