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Research on Bilingualism- We are looking for monolingual English children (8-12 years old)

Dear List,

I am doing my PhD at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I am investigating the production of consonants and consonant clusters by bilingual children. At this point, the only data I haven't collected yet so as to finish with my data collection is monolingual English data (i.e. the control group data). More specifically, I am looking for monolingual English children with a Southern British accent (aged 8-12) for a 45 minute recording. Are there any families with children at these ages who can help me with my research? It will only take 45 minutes. Parents can be present throughout the session if they wish and at the end of the recording we give a small gift to each child.

 If you are interested, the information sheet and the consent form is attached.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Anastasia Chionidou

Relevant sites:

Check this site for a detailed history of my monolingual and bilingual recordings: http://www.enl.auth.gr/phonlab/news.html
You can find more information about me in my department's site : http://www.enl.auth.gr/phonlab/chionidou.html
My research is part of a larger project (http://www.diglossia.gr/index.php/research-teams/research-team-1)

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