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Music & CI research symposium, Eriksholm Research Centre, Denmark, Oct 13-14, 2016

Dear colleagues


While the majority of CI patients achieve good speech perception, many experience a very poor music perception – both self-reported levels of music enjoyment as well as measured ability to discriminate fundamental features in music are significantly lower than in normal hearing subjects. Decades of research and product development on CI signal processing, stimulation and rehabilitation has focused mainly on speech sounds and little on music listening and enjoyment.


There is no doubt that music is an essential part of social life, health and general wellbeing – and that substantial research is still needed to give hard of hearing people better access to this dimension of life. This is why we wish to bring together researchers across the globe to join forces on bringing music to Cochlear Implant users.


We are proud to announce, that Oticon Medical and Oticon Research Center, Eriksholm, will host the 1st International Music and CI symposium at Eriksholm, Helsinore, Denmark, October 13-14, 2016. The  symposium has been co-funded by the Oticon Foundation and Oticon Medical and will be free for attendants, but priority will be given to presenting authors due to space restrictions.


Professor Charles Limb, Director of  the Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center at UCSF will Chair the symposium together with co-chair, Associate Professor, Jeremy Marozeau, Technical University of Denmark.


Abstract submission and registration will become available on the symposium website anytime soon: http://www.implantsandmusic.net/


Local organizing committee:

Søren Kamaric Riis, Ph.D.,  Sr. Director Technology Development, Oticon Medical

Niels Henrik Pontoppidan, Ph.D., Research Area Manager, Eriksholm Research Centre


Sorry about cross postings.


Looking forward to see you in Elsingore in October.


Niels on behalf of the organising committee.


Niels Henrik Pontoppidan
Ph.D., M.Sc.E.

Research Area Manager, Advanced Algorithms

Eriksholm Research Centre
Rørtangvej 20
3070 Snekkersten
Direct:     +45 4829 8927
Mobile:   +45 3061 5087

Website: www.eriksholm.com

Eriksholm pursues audiological discoveries with the potential to significantly enhance end-user benefits in future hearing care.
We work in close collaboration with academic research institutions, clinicians and end-users, and being part of Oticon ensures that our scientific insights are applied in solutions that empower people with hearing loss.